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10538Please send me your performances! (Radio Sri Chinmoy)

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  • kamalakanta47
    Jan 31, 2005
      As you might have noticed, I have posted two of my own
      arrangement/sketches in previous days.

      I would like to post also performances by other Sri Chinmoy
      students, whether the performances are solo or in a group. All are
      welcome for consideration!

      Please send me your wave, aiff or mp3 files, and I will post them on
      Radio Sri Chinmoy. Any additional information that you may have will
      be useful, such as name of the songs, date and place of the
      performance, or any other important notes which you might want to
      share with us.

      To John, from New Zealand: I am still waiting for that CD...

      Anurakta, can you send me anything?

      Others who might not have done music for a while, but are still
      considering it, please consider the possibility...

      In gratitude, Kamalakanta
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