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Ahnika Grantham of HH the 45th Pattam Srimath Azhagiya Singar :Translation in to English with anumati/blessings from asmad AchAryan [3 Attachments]

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    SrimatE SrIlakshmi Nrusimha ParaBrahmaNE nama: SrImatE RaamAnujAya nama: SrImate NigamAnta MahA DesikAya Nama: SrimatE Adhi VaNNSaThakOpa Yateendhra Mahaa
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2012

      SrimatE SrIlakshmi Nrusimha ParaBrahmaNE nama:
      SrImatE RaamAnujAya nama:
      SrImate NigamAnta MahA DesikAya Nama:
      SrimatE Adhi VaNNSaThakOpa Yateendhra Mahaa DesikAya nama:
      SrIMatE SrivaNN SaThakOpa SrinivAsa Yateendhra Mahaa DesikAya Nama:
      SrimatE SrivaNN SaThakOpa SriranganAtha Yateendhra Mahaa DesikAya nama:
      Sriamd RanganAtha Yateendhra MahaadESikAnugruheeta:
      SrIvaishNava sadhAchAra nirNayO naamAayam Ahnika Grantha: 
      Today is the Kaartikai Kruttikai Subha Dinam . Houses and streets are lit with oil lamps ( VishNu Dheepam, Kaartikai Dheepam ) ; at temples sokka Paanai (Bon Fire) is lit . Lord Ranganathan stands near ChakratthAzhwAn Sannidhi at Srirangam and watches the flames from the Chokka Paanai that represent His Jyothirmaya Tattvam . He is the Param JyOthi celebrated By Upanishads and AzhwAr aruLiccheyalkaLs. Lord Ranganatha is the Para Brahmam . The Mundaka Upanishad salutes this Supreme Brahman as the ultimate Jyothi : “ Him the shining One , every thing shines after; by this light all this is lighted/lit (illumined) “. The BruhadhAraNyaka Upanishad also observes:“ Him the gods worship as the light of lights , as the immortal “.
      The JyOtiradhikaraNa of Brahma Sutram establishes unambiguously that this Jyoti or self-luminous light  referred to in the Upanishads denotes Brahman and not the cosmic light .ChAndhOgya Upanishad passage (III-13-7) connects this Param JyOthi with the light within the hrudhayAkAsam of a person : “ Now the light which shines above the heaven , above all , above everything  , in the highest worlds beyond which there are no higher worlds ; verily that is the same as the light which is here within the person “. Lord Ranganatha explained His Jyothirmaya Tattvam through His PradhAna archakar to Thirumangai Mannan . Earlier Thirumangai Mannan had some doubts and asked the archaa Moorthy at Srirangam : “ I do not know whether this deity is the same as the Lord , who resides in the inner recess of the lotus-like heart ( Hrudhaya Kamalam) or is He the One who is found in the orb of the Sun (as Soorya NaarAyaNan) , which causes the lotus buds to bloom . The moment I see Him , I bow down involuntarily in adoration. Why is my mind captivated by the sight of Him ? He must be my Lord “. 
      Thirumangai Mannan was born on this Kaartikai Kruttigai Full Moon Day and blessed us with six dhivya Prabhandhams to serve as the six angams of the Four DrAvida VedAs of Swamy NammAzhwAr. On this Kaartikai Krittikaa day , Swamy Desikan ascended to Parama Padham from Srirangam .
      On this most sacred day , our prayers are for chasing away of our inner darkness with the anugraham of SadAchAryaas , who are the embodiments of Jn~Anam , anushtAnam , Atma GuNams and serve as the authorities in interpreting subtelities (Sookshmams) about dharma Saastrams.
      Many dharma Saastra grantams have been blessed to us by great AchAryaas like (1)Sri Bhagavad RaamAnuja (nitya grantam) ,(2) Vangipuram Nambi ( VangeeSa Kaarikai), (3)Sri NigamAntha Mahaa Desikan ( Saccharitra Rakshaa , Sri PaancharAtra Rakshaa et al) , (4) HH the ILanagar GadhAdharapuram 26th Pattam Azhagiya Singar , Sri VaNN SaThakOpa Sri Ranganatha SatakOpa Yateendhra Mahaa Desikan ,(5) HH the 42nd Pattam Injimettu Azhagiya Singar , Sri VaNN SatakOpa Sri RanganAtha SatakOpa Yateendhra Mahaa Desikan .
      These ubhaya VedAnta VichakshaNa AchAryaas have drawn as PramANams for their grantams ,the Ahnika Grantams of AchArya RaamAnuja and Swamy Desikan as well as additional source materials from (1) Sruti RatnAkaram of Vaidhika Saarvabhoumar of Adhi VaNN SaThakOpa Jeeyar’s time ,(2) Prapanna DharmasAra samucchayam of Sri VaikunTha Dheekshitar ,(3) Saccharitra Sudhaa Nidhi of Sri Naitruva VeeraraaghavAcchAryAr and (4) Ahnika KaaNDam of Sri VaidhyanAthar .
      In most recent times , HH the 45th Pattam ( Prakrutam) Periya Azhagiya Singar , Sri VaNN SaThakOpa Sri NaarAyaNa Yateendhra Mahaa Desikan , who performed Sri Granta chatushtya KaalakshEpams , Ahnika KaalakshEpam at the lotus feet of HH the 42nd Pattam Azhagiya Singar
      assembled all the SookshmArthams and sampradhya nirNayams blessed by His own AchAryan and released those gems in the form of an Ahnika Grantam with Sanskrit DippaNi and Tamizh meanings .
      The exact name of this Ahnika Grantam is “ SudheepriyAhya DippiNi-DrAvidaanuvAdham” .The year of publication of this most scholarly treatise was 1990 .The author was serving then as the AasthAna VidhvAn of Sri AhoBila Matam . Two years later , this AsthAna VidhvAn celebrated by one and all for His scholarship and anushtAnam became the 45th pattam Srimath Azhagiya Singar. His PoorvASrama ThirunAmam is SrI Villivalam KrishNamAchArya Swamy . His sishyAs celebrated last week His 86th Thirunakshatram in a grand manner at SealyUr .He has adorned the AchArya Peetam at SrI AhObila Matam for the past twenty years and all of us sihyAs pray for many more years of His MatAdhipatyam and dhivya PaadhukA sevaa Kaimakryams for MalOlan .
      This Ahnika grantam blessed to us by Prakrtutam Azhagiya Singar is the most used reference treatise  for AasikAs in following sadAchAram and to get clarity (nirNayam) on areas of doubt.
      Many SishyAs are eager to know about the traditional VaishNava Dinacharyaa ( Ahnikam ) and practice them with the guidance of their AchAryans . The MaNi PravALam texts and the VaishNava
      ParibhAshai contained in them makes it difficult for the aspiring students to study the Ahnika Grantams . The only sure way to gain clear understanding of the Ahnikam texts is through being part of the KaalkshEpa GhOshti of a SadAchAryan . For many , this route is not accessible and yet they are very eager to learn about these important anushtAnams and the proper ways to observe them and integrate them in the lives of AastikAs . adiyEn has approached asmath AchAryan , Prakrutam Srimath Azhagiya Singar and presented the vijn~Apanam of many sishyAs both in India and abroad to gain awareness of these esoteric grantams and the difficulties that they are having . The most merciful Srimath Azhagiya Singar has blessed the kaimkaryam to translate His scholarly treatise in to English with notes on specialized terms but with great care to maintain fidelity in the translations so that the meanings of the various passages are not altered . adiyEn considers myself as a BhAgyasAli to receive the receive the anugrahama nd Niyamanam of Srimath Azhagiya Singar to perform this Kaimakryam . adiyEn will be consulting with sampradhAyic VidhvAns of SrI Matam in areas of doubt and proceed slowly in building up the translated modules . adiyEn trusts that AchAryan’s anugraham will provide the strength to persevere in this important kaimakryam that is being announced today .
      The HayagrIva Likhita Kaimkarya GhOshti would like to create a special site accessible to interested
      AastikAs to keep up with the released content instead of posting in public email lists . It is going to involve many months of dedicated work  in consultation with scholars proficient in Ahnika Grantams .
      The translations have to be correct . The text to be translated in to English has close to 800 pages of Sanskrit Moolam and Tamil Translations . It is a huge effort and the Mahaa ViSwasam in the KaaruNyam , Trust and anugraham of asmath AchAryan , adiyEn will make the best effort . The translated English text will be sued to create Telegu and Kannada versions with the help of bilingual
      experts . Those who wish to help with the translation in to Telegu and Kannada are requested to contact adiyEn .
      Please send adiyEn a note ( asthiruvadi@...) if you have serious interest in receiving these postings as they become ready . 
      Nandana Samvatsaram Kaartikai Kruttikai Subha Dinam
      idham AchArya Kaimkaryam MahAntO anugrhNantu !
      Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
      Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan
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