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Sri Desika and Divyadesas - Calendar Series

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  • Pradip VS
    श्री: Dear Sri Baaghavadhaas, adiyen s daasasya vignaapanam. First of all sincere apologies for posting this mail very late. We all know that there are
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    Dear Sri Baaghavadhaas,
    adiyen's daasasya vignaapanam.
    First of all sincere apologies for posting this mail very late.
    We all know that there are calendar's published every year covering a topic like Koorathazhwan vaibhavam, Azhwars etc and TTD publishes calendar with beautiful photos of Lord Srinivasa/Thayar.
    Swami U Ve Vipaschinmani Sriman Navalpakkam Vasudeva Thathachar avargal has come up with a calender with the following title 'Sri Desika and Divyadesas' series.
    This year swami has published Part 1, which covers swami desikan's mangalaasaasanam of a divyakshetram by taking Swami Desikan stotrams. (The calendar will have one stotram of Swami desikan and a beautiful foto of that divyakshetram & Swami and a thought of the month plus important dates/thirunakshatrams)
    Next Year's concept is Swami Desikan's mangalaasaasanam of Divyakshetrams from Sankalpa Sooryodhayam of Swami Desikan
    This calender as opposed to others is Tamil month based calendar (means from Chithirai - Panguni) April 16th of every year to April 15th of next year and gregorian dates will be in top (Like panjaangam).
    This calendar is available in both Tamil and English.
    Foreword by Sribashya Simmam Sri U Ve Villur Nadadur Karunakarachar Swami and Publisher: Sri Kalyanapuram Devastaanam Saamam Parthasarathy Swami.
    Please find the attached photos or my picasa link.
    Copies can be obtained from Sri Navalpakkam Swami by contacting swami at "Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Vasudevachar" <vasudevan.navalpakkam@...>
    or One can contact Sri Kalyanapuram Devastaanam Saamam Parthasarathy Swami at +91-98405 72451 or 0431-2433941 for this calendar.
    This is very beautiful Calendar and one should have this in their gruham which will make us worship a divyadesa perumal and swami desikan everyday and a good replacement for our panjankam :) :)
    dhanyosmi!! dasanudasan!
    Srimath Vedanta Desikan paadarenu, dasan Aasuri Pradip
    श्रीमान् वेङ्कटनाथार्य: कवितार्किककेसरी l
    वेदान्ताचार्यवर्यो मे सन्निधत्तां सदा हृदि ॥

    தொண்டருகக்கும் துணையடி வாழி* நின் தூமுறுவல்
    கொண்ட முகம்வாழி* வாழி வியாக்கியா முத்திரைக்கை*
    வண்திரு நாமமும் வாழி* மணிவட முப்புரிநூல் -
    கொண்டசீர்த் தூப்புல் குலமணியே* வாழி நின்வடிவே

    AzhvAr EmperumAnAr Desikan thiruvadigalE saranam!!

    Srimathe Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha DivyapAdhukA sEvaka Srivann satagopa sri nArAyana Yateendra MahadEsikAya nama:

    Srimathe Srivann satagOpa sri ranganAtha yatheendra mahAdEsikAya nama:
    Pradip V S
    बैरोजि आसूरि लक्ष्मी नरसिम्मन
    பைரோஜி ஆசூரி லக்ஷ்மீ நரசிம்மன்

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