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Alwar Thirunakshathrams - Swamy Ascends Paramapadham!- Karthigai-Karthigai-Pournami!

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  • Sri Yatheendra Samrajyam
    Sri Alwar Sri Emberumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam! Seerar Thooppul Thiruvenkadamudaiyan Thiruvadigale Saranam! Sri Kumara Varadhacharyar Thiruvadigale Saranam!
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2012
    Sri Alwar Sri Emberumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam!
    Seerar Thooppul Thiruvenkadamudaiyan Thiruvadigale Saranam!
    Sri Kumara Varadhacharyar Thiruvadigale Saranam!
    Sri Lakshmi Kumara Thatha Desikan Thiruvadigale Saranam!
    Please Meditate Swamy Sri Vedantha Desikar with Sri Thirupaan Azhwar, Sri Thirumangai Azhwar  and Sri Emberumanar Thiruvadi ever residing at His Lotus Heart! In these wonderful occasions of
    Sri Thirumangai Alwar and Sri Thirupanalwar Thirunakshathrams
    Today Karthigai Karthigai – Sri Thirumangai Azhwar Thirunakshathram (28th Nov)
    Tomorrow Karthigai Rohini – Sri Thiruppaan Azhwar Thirunakshathram (29th Nov)
    Today Karthigai Pournami – Swamy Srimadh Vedantha Desikar (Thiruvadhyayanam – Theertham) Ascends Paramapadham! (Day of ‘Disappearance in Mortal (finite)’ form)
    In this eve of these many divine happenings, let us all enjoy the great work ‘Sri Vedantha Desika Vaibhava Prakasika’ written by Sri Mahacharya Swamy (Sri Doddacharya of Sholasimhapuram) on His Paramaacharyan Swamy Srimadh Vedantha Desikar! Sri Mahacharya Swamy was a Thiruvadi Sevaka of ‘Sri Desika Kumara Varadhacharyar’ known as Sri Nainaracharyar.
    We feel that, the ‘Saptathi Ratna Maalika’ and ‘Sri Vedantha Desika Vaibhava Prakasika’ of Sri Prathivaathi Bayankaram Hastigiri Annan swamy and Sri Doddacharya Swamy respectively speak volumes and volumes on Swamy Sri Desikar and they are the real treatise for Sri Swamy’s Vaibhavam!
    Thanks to Sri ‘Oppiliyappan Koil’ Sri Varadhachary Sadagopan swamy for this wonderful Grantham’s English Translation!
    Excerpts from
    ‘Sri Vedantha Desika Vaibhava Prakasika’
    by ‘Sholasimhapuram’ Sri Mahacharya Swamy (Sri Doddacharya Swamy)
    English Commentary : Dr.M.N.Ramanuja and Dr.Varadhachary Sadagopan
    Slokam 52
    I take refuge in VedAntadeSika of wonderful qualities, to whom Sri YatirAja (Raamanuja) appeared in a dream and directed him to compose several good works for the protection and propagation of ubhayavedAnta among the Scholars.
    Slokam 53
    I surrender to the great scholar every day to whom SriranganAtha, after witnessing his great mastery in giving commentary in the hall, awarded him the title of VedAntadeSika.
    Slokam 16
    I surrender to VedAntadeSika the preceptor, standing before whom, the pleased Lord Hayagriva, offered him the nectar of His saliva which is the source of realization.
    Slokam 36
    I eulogize the merciful VedAntadeSika who is averse to name, fame and honour, who is the lion of poets and debaters, who conducted KaalakshEpams to the scholars at Thirumalai for their spiritual welfare.
    Slokam 79
    I eulogize that preceptor who overruled and threw out the arguments of the Person ( Sri Krishnamishra) who objected before the king, that recitation of works in languages
    other than Sanskrit should not be sung before the Lord at the temples and their (AzhwAr's) idols should not be worshipped at the temples.
    Slokam 117
    I meditate on the emperor of poets, the preceptor who eulogized the sacred pAdukAs of Lord RanganAtha (Swamy NammAzhwAr) and wrote in one night, Thousand verses in response to the requests of great scholars, who adorned a vidvat sadas in Srirangam.
    (Slokams are selected in Random Fashion, for further reading www.srihayagrivan.org/html/ebook001.htm )

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