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  • Raguveeradayal T
    adiyen dasan.adiyen may kindly be excused as an inline image in the previous mail made the message not readable.The actual message is as under Janaka Nandhini
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2012
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      adiyen dasan.
      adiyen may kindly be excused as an inline image in the previous mail made the message not readable.
      The actual message is as under
      "Janaka Nandhini" is a novel in which the author had most admirably added Divya Desa sthala puranam plus sthothra grantha mala plus veda vyakyanams in a very simple style. This was a serial that was published in Sri Vedanta Deepikai for 3 years continuously. adiyen must thank Theperumanallur Sri Narasimman swamy who traced the old issues of Sri Vedanta deepikai and shared it with me. That helped me to share such wonderful articles with many. I will shortly add part 1 of the novel and part 3 of the novel. For part 2 we have o wait till samputam 6 of Sri vedanta deepikai is found. A review of the book is here. 

      (N.B. The review alone is in poetrical format. The novel is in simple Tamil prose only- of course with occasional manipravalam in grantha lipi. But that does not interrupt reading. Any how adiyen hope some jambhavans here may translate this in English)
      The  images attached with the previous mail may be opened and read.

      C/O Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam,
      Thiruppullani 623532
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