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3600Fwd: Fwd: [Indiana Dancers Association] Info on Jack Pladdys

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  • labearmstrong
    Jun 22, 2014

Jugg Terhune
      Sheila Jugg Terhune 7:08pm Jun 18
      Info on Jack Pladdys

      "Well Jack and I have seen the doctor. He will be having his surgery on the 30th of June. The day after we get back from Little Rock. They will be cutting about half his tongue and going down his neck to check his lymph nods. It will be approximately a 3 hour procedure.

      I would appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts for him. He has put up with this for a long time and now to find out it is cancer is really hard to take in.

      I will be leaning on God for his love and healing hand on Jack and praying that they get it all and that his lymph nods are clear.

      Thank you for being there for us and for all your prayers."