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Re: Sport Pilot Training

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  • Chuck Scrivner
    ... ************************************** Chuck Writes Yep, Your... quite a few options ... include about 4 places in the entire USA where you can take a
    Message 1 of 98 , Nov 1, 2005
      "Dan Grunloh" wrote:
      >> I don't have a certificated aircraft. I plan to get my Sport
      > pilot in Weight Shift and worry about getting a plane later.
      > Fortunately I have quite few options and don't expect any
      > problems with the pilot part. It must be much harder for
      > fixed wingers trying to transition.

      Chuck Writes
      Your... "quite a few options"... include about 4 places in the
      entire USA where you can take a Practical test for SP WSCL.

      If your wish to progress to Private Pilot WSCL, you have ONE current
      option....Lary Clymer.... he is the only person in the USA that is

      But, then again, I can think of nothing MORE USELESS, than a Private
      Pilot certificate with a weight shift rating.

      As a Private Pilot, ASEL, and Glider, I can fly 98% of all currently
      registerd trikes with no further showing or endorsements.

      AND, if I wish, register any future trike as either a glider or an
      airplane. Never having to become "weight-shift rated" and limited to
      the oprerational limits associated with a Light Sport

      "Dan Grunloh" wrote:
      Eventually I think I will build a experimental trike
      > but if something nice already N-numbered shows up on
      > the market used, I might change my mind.

      Chuck Writes;
      "Experimental" has no category for Weight-shift.

      Only a light sport registered aircraft has a weightshift category.
      see an FAA application for airworthiness

      It may be Special light sport, "grandfathered" lightsport, or a kit
      from a consensus standard Special, called Experimental Light Sport)

      But no Experimental Weightshift.

      You CAN certainly buy an already existing Experimental Amatuer-Built
      or Exhibition Trike, but you will need an ASEL or Glider Certificate
      to fly it leagally

      I do know of ONE Experimental Amatuer built former Glider that has
      recently CHANGED registration to Weight-Shift,.....but the DAR is in
      question for doing so by putting (Weight-Shift), in parenthaces upon
      the A/W certificate...without guidance from FAA or 8130-2.

      Good luck finding a DAR with the appropriate designation 47 or 48 for
      lightsport AND the associated ability to examine "weight-shift"
      There is a total of ONE here in Southern California.........with a
      population of over 20 million people.

      But, DARs for EXPERIMENTAL are relativley easy to find.
    • scott andrews
      SportStar Flight Center program expands Evektor America s SportStar Flight Center program is rapidly expanding nationally with the addition of six more
      Message 98 of 98 , Jan 9, 2007
        SportStar Flight Center program expands

        Evektor America's SportStar Flight Center program is rapidly
        expanding nationally with the addition of six more recently
        appointed flight schools.

        Scott Andrews, Evektor America's Director of Marketing stated that
        there are now twelve SportStar Flight Centers approved in the United
        States with many more in process:
        - St. Charles Flying Service of St. Louis, Missouri
        - JK Aviation of Ramona, California
        - Wright Aero of Minneapolis, Minnesota
        - Aero Tech of Lexington, Kentucky
        - Henley Aviation of Kinston, North Carolina
        - The Plane Collection of Miami, Florida.
        - AB Flight of Kutztown, Pennsylvania
        - Fast Track Flight of Columbus, Indiana
        - Northwest Sport Planes of San Juan Island, Washington
        - California Sport Aviation of Sacramento, California
        - Acme Aviation of Salinas, California
        - Aviator of Grand Prairie, Texas
        - Community Aerosports of Farmington, New Mexico
        "Since St. Charles Flying Service first recognized the virtues and
        value of the Evektor SportStar in training new Sport Pilots early
        last year and ordered their first SportStar, their pioneering
        success with the aircraft has been well publicized."

        With two SportStars now in service, Dennis Bampton, owner of St.
        Charles commented, " We selected the SportStar after considerable
        research of all available LSA's. It has proven to be the right
        choice. Our students love the aircraft and we can hardly keep them
        on the ground."

        "The SportStar was the first FAA approved S-LSA in the United
        States. Its proven all-metal design (over 600 in service worldwide),
        extensive testing/documentation backed by Evektor's well-known
        manufacturing quality, and predictable flight characteristics has
        become the gold standard" according to Jeff Conrad, President of
        Evektor America. "We expect our network of Flight Centers providing
        quality Sport Pilot instruction in SportStars to continue to expand
        rapidly to likely forty by the end of 2007."

        For more information contact Evektor America at the U.S. Sport
        Aviation Expo where the SportStar will be on display and available
        for demonstration.

        Evektor America www.evektoramerica.com
        Kerrville, Texas 78028
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