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Electric Carb Heat for Jabiru Engines

I am sitting here thinking about flying this morning, and wishing the weather wasn't 20F and foggy where we live in Utah! As I thought about the times
Jan 1

Rolling Leading Edge Vortex Slot

I have a Patent Pending on a wing design that opens a slot in the leading edge supplying needed air to simultaneously deployed vortex generators located more
Oct 4, 2016

Re: Any Storm 280/300 owners?

I'm not an owner. Looked at buying one a year ago...in Arizona IIRR. Very impressive LSA. Ruled it out because there appeared to be NO factory or dealer
Apr 26, 2016

Any Storm 280/300 owners?

Hello, I'm looking for other Storm 280/300 owners to connect with. I'm located in Canada, and there are only 2 or 3 flying in the entire country here. Anybody
Apr 25, 2016
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Ultralight/Lightplane Safety Seminar, Saturday

Ultralight/Lightplane Safety Seminar, Saturday, March 26, 2016, Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL. 62706 Information/contact
jim sweeney
Mar 13, 2016

Trike Video - Joseph goes Solo, Base Jump and Full Moon

Trike Video - Joseph goes Solo, Base Jump and Full Moon For Sale, Josephs Solo, Base Jump and Full Moon https://vimeo.com/157954761 https://vimeo.com/157954761
Mar 6, 2016

Re: Licence & Insurance

Hi Al, Apologies if I'm repeating what others wrote. Congrates on getting back in the air, and good luck with your Challenger! First, regarding insurance: The
Oct 17, 2015

Re: Licence & Insurance

Is my belief that a pilot should be familiar with the aircraft they fly. I will now elaborate my thought; In my particular case, I want to know how everything
Frank Gonzalez
Oct 17, 2015

condition inspection

... You clarified it well Bob, and I appreciate that. Mike .
Michael Huckle
Oct 17, 2015

Re: Licence & Insurance

Technically yes. But again, to the average GA pilot, it is all the same. On 10/16/15, Bob Comperini bob@...
Helen Woods
Oct 16, 2015

Re: Licence & Insurance

... "Fixing stuff" or "replacing stuff" is maintenance. Using a wrench to get access to something to inspect it, is not. Splitting hairs now. -- Bob Comperini
Bob Comperini
Oct 16, 2015

Re: Licence & Insurance

I'd like to see you do a condition inspection without wrenches! Helen On 10/16/15, Bob Comperini bob@...
Helen Woods
Oct 16, 2015

Re: Licence & Insurance

... that is true. Wrench = Mx. No FAA certificate required. "Condition Inspection" is not Mx. FAA certification is required. -- Bob Comperini e-mail:
Bob Comperini
Oct 16, 2015

Re: Licence & Insurance

True, but in the GA world, which this gentleman sounds like he's from, anytime you have someone wrench on your plane we generally refer to it as mx. Helen On
Helen Woods
Oct 16, 2015

Re: Licence & Insurance

... Yes, we all know that. You specifically said "Mx", which is what I was clarifying. I previously specified that the repairman certificate gives a person one
Bob Comperini
Oct 16, 2015
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