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  • rstar447
    Jul 14, 2014
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      I got this from a friend. Be careful and guard your aircraft.


      Authorities are investigating the apparently well-planned theft of avionics from all 23 resident aircraft at Jerry Sumners Sr. Aurora Municipal Airport in Aurora, Mo., last Wednesday. According to KY3 News, thieves broke into every hangar at the airport and then removed the GPS, radios and transponders from every aircraft. The loss is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the aircraft owners, Toby Sumners, told the TV station the theft had the hallmarks of a carefully thought-out crime. "This is definitely a planned out, my opinion, it's definitely a planned out thing because like I said, it's not equipment that you use in your cars, not equipment that you use in your house, so what other purpose would there need to be unless there was a high demand for it on the other side of the market," he said. Three weeks ago the engine was stolen from a Piper Archer parked at the nearby Flying Bar H Airport but it's not known if the cases are related.

      Ralph Burlingame