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21437Re: Light-Sport Aircraft Yahoo group Using Amateur Radio In Flight

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  • flyingkodiak
    Jun 1, 2014
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      I took a hand held HAM radio up last year in my coupe with a friend who is a HAM fanatic. My plane isn't real quiet but is enclosed when you close the windows.  I have Lightspeed headsets into a Flightcom intercom.  We reached out 75 miles with the handheld but blew my fuses.  So check to see what your draw is.  If I remember correct, we reduced the output and it did fine.  Let me think about how I connected it but think it is was a simple connection into my existing intercom.

      We were going to look into another antennae connection to a VHF antennae and make it the correct length but haven't done that yet.

      Mark Poliak
      Westfield, IN
      Astra Trike and Ercoupe 415C

      > I would like to use an amateur radio handi-talkie while in flight. the
      > ambient noise in the cockpit currently makes this impossible. anyone know
      > of a way to interface an amateur radio handheld radio to an aviation
      > headset?
      > '73,
      > rich, n9dko
      > I'd start lifting weights...but i figure if something's heavy it must be
      > nature's way of telling me not to pick it up.
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