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21422Re: Light-Sport Aircraft Yahoo group RE: Registration Question

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  • pwrsport@ix.netcom.com
    Mar 2, 2014
      A bit of information that may help.    Ed Snyder

      Actions required to transfer aircraft ownership: (Experimental Armature Built ***)

                    (Note, transferring ownership does not necessarily make the aircraft legal to fly)            


                    Documents to be received by buyer:

      Aircraft Bill of Sale FAA form 8050-2 signed by the seller with buyers information inscribed

      Aircraft Registration card 8050-3 with seller sign-off and buyer’s name inscribed

      Aircraft Registration form 8050-1 completed to transfer aircraft ownership to buyer

      Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate *

      Aircraft Limitations (phase one and two) as issued at time of airworthiness certification *

      Aircraft Weight and Balance *

      Aircraft log books with current annual inspection sign-off **

      Aircraft POH (*) (***)

      * (copy, original stays within aircraft for transport)

      ** (If no current annual inspection, then it will be the new owner’s responsibility to see

           that effort completed before flying the aircraft)

      *** (If phase one was not completed, then the new owner must complete those steps and

             complete the POH document and log book entry)


                  Buyer’s required actions to affect ownership transfer:

      Buyer submits to FAA Oklahoma City the completed forms (Bill of Sale 8050-2, the Registration card 8050-3 signed-off by seller, the Registration application form 8050-1 together with $5.00.) Buyer retains the “Pink Copy” which is carried in the aircraft as temporary evidence to operate the aircraft.  Buyer retains other aircraft documents.  Buyer will receive a new registration card 8050-3 identifying buyer as aircraft owner via the mail from FAA.

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      Also, this aircraft was registered by the original owner/builder on 08/18/2005, and was de-registed 02/11/2014.  The Airworthiness certificate was issued 06/29/2006 and will expire 02/28/2015.


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