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21369Re: Airport Restaurants

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  • dennis_persyk
    Nov 15, 2013
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      Hi Alex,

      The list is unfortunately out of date. Restaurant at Morris has been
      closed for over three years and Lansing for about a year and a half. The
      "within walking distance" is a stretch. Few of those on list are
      "on-airport" restaurants. How come Rochelle -KRPJ- isn't on the list?

      I'm planning on flying to Rochelle today. I just wish it were farther
      away so I could get in more flying time. Although it is just far enough
      to qualify for cross country as a Sport Pilot.

      Alex, what are you flying and where are you based? I'd like to meet up
      with fellow LSA pilots for lunch.


      --- In Sport_Aircraft@yahoogroups.com, "A. Censor" wrote:
      > Check out
      > http://www.adventurepilot.com/Default.aspx
      > It is a site dedicated to making it easy to access information about
      what things (including restaurants) are available at any given airport
      or at a whole bunch of airports within a chosen distance of a airport or
      airstrip you specify.
      > If they don’t already have the ones listed that you’re
      asking about you can do a service by entering those into their system
      > When I did a search at that site for airports within 75nm of KARR
      specifically with restaurants either on airport or within walking
      distance, this is what I got ... 17 hits:
      > # Select
      > Check the destinations you wish to add to your trip plan Rating Title
      Type Nearest
      > Airport
      > The closest airport to this destination Distance
      > from
      > Depart
      > Distance from the departure point specified in the search to the
      > 1 Charlie's Restaurant Restaurants 1C5 16.2
      > 2 Pita Patio Restaurants JOT 20.3
      > 3 Cafe 47 Restaurants C09 20.9
      > 4 Cafe Cabaret Restaurants C09 20.9
      > 5 Cafe Cabaret Restaurants C09 20.9
      > 6 Pilot Pete's Restaurants 06C 21.2
      > 7 Big Apple Restaurant Restaurants VYS 39.5
      > 8 Pal's Sports Bar & Grill Restaurants 1C8 42.9
      > 9 Shannon's Landing Irish Pub Restaurants IGQ 44.7
      > 10 Mi Tierra Restaurant Restaurants 05C 50.6
      > 11 Grand Geneva Resort and Spa Restaurants,Lodging,Golfing,
      > Snow Skiing,Horseback riding C02 50.7
      > 12 Lake Lawn Resort Restaurants,Lodging,Golfing,
      > Other,Hiking C59 51.5
      > 13 Dairyland Greyhound Park Restaurants,Gambling ENW 54.5
      > 14 Cressmoor Country Club Restaurants 3HO 55.9
      > 15 Glen Erin Golf Club Restaurants,Golfing JVL 56.8
      > 16 Bays Fireside Restaurant Restaurants C98 58.9
      > 17 Ranch House Restaurants 1IL8 64.1
      > Alex
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