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  • Richard Bauer
    Nov 14, 2013
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      thanks, dennis.  a buddy who lives up near mt. carroll and I are trying to arrange our own 'fly-in breakfast'.  RPJ was our preferred place but the restaurant there doesn't open till 11 and he has to be back home by 11.   pete's at scahumburg also opens too late.   RPJ had an earlier opening this summer so I'm guessing that 11am is their "winter" hours.  charlie's at clow is possible but it makes no sense for me to drive to ARR and rent the plane when I'm maybe a 20-min drive from clow.   thanks for the other suggestions.




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      Hi Richard,

      You've to the closest ones.  Rochelle by far the best.

      I don't like Schaumburg because you have to get down really low under the Chicago Class B over densely populated area. Also pretty pricey.


      Lake Lawn C59   Lake Lawn Lodge is about a 1/3 mile walk from the airport.



      Spring Brooke (Pvt)  at Senea -- Pvt -- 1LL2  

      Call ahead to get permission to land. Restaurant at marina is very nice -- you can also look at million dollar yachts while you're there. 18 right , 36 left.  Powerlines on 18 approach -- be careful!

      815-357-8666  to get landing permission.


      I've got lots more good ones if you want -- but you'd have to fly 100-125 nm -- not long in a Skycatcher.


      By the way, this group is pretty much dead. Many more Sport Pilots and LSA owners/renters on



      Fly safely and often,



      Skycatcher Page http://users.foxvalley.net/~dpersyk/skycatcher.htm

      Youtube Dixon Flight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWqDS1xlYR0

      YouTube Pattern Flight  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVRBbWZr_9I&feature=youtu.be


      --- In Sport_Aircraft@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Bauer" wrote:

      > trying to compile a list of **on-airport grounds restaurants** within say,
      > 50-75nm of KARR (aurora, il). I know about Pilot Pete's at Schaumburg,
      > Charlie's at Clow and the new one at Rochelle. any others?

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