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21343RE: Light-Sport Aircraft Yahoo group RE: A starting point

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  • Richard Bauer
    Oct 17, 2013
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      alan, your instructor won't sign off on your solo until it all "clicks" for you. he or she will know if you're ready but be sure to be completely honest and upfront with your instructor.

      good luck and have fun.

      rich, n9dko
      I like to follow my dreams. It keeps me in bed till almost noon!
      I have 9 hours under my belt at this point, and feel pretty comfortable in all the maneuvers learned so far. I find that landing the plane is still an anxious moment for me. In fact, I dread that moment. Maybe Im over-thinking the process. Seems like a lot of information being processed at the same time. We did some touch and goes today which seem to help Hopefully by the time I am ready to solo, it clicks.
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