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  • Cy Galley
    Oct 11, 2013

      RV-12 has 20 gallons in the fuselage, 19 Venterra has 24 gallons in the wings (12 per side)


      I don’t understand your comment.


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      A 356 lb full fuel payload is more than 100 lbs less than the RV-12 and puts it completely out of contention for many.

      I like the fact you can remove the wings in just a few minutes and the pedigree of having 8500 Vans aircraft in the air provides a hell of a community for sharing advice and ideas. 

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      As you like that style of aircraft, then you missed the best bang-for-the-buck, my view.  That would be the Rans S-19 Venterra, LSA. Much-much better aircraft for about the same money.   http://www.rans.com/aircraft/kits/s-19-venterra.html .

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      For about 3 years now I have been looking for a contemporary LSA to purchase. I've flown the CTLS, Remos GX, A-22 Valor, Savannah, Sport Cruiser, Faeta, SportStar and a Tecnam. They all had their strengths and weaknesses but the common element was that they all seemed expensive for the cost benefit. Clearly just a personal opinion from a guy who has owned 5 ultralights.


      My wife received her Private Pilot's Certificate last year at Redbird Skyport in San Marcos, TX. It was a tremendous experience for her as Redbird trains extensively in their full motion sims before the student flies one of their six G-1000 equipped 172SPs. Her getting her license was a result of our collective decision to pursue the goal of flying around the world in a small airplane (rtw-adventure.com). Our intention is to have a Van's RV-10 built that flies behind a diesel engine, but that's another story.


      We went to Vans in Oregon and flew the RV-10, which was great and we also had the opportunity to fly the RV-12. Both of us were very impressed with the quality of the design, the control harmony, the performance, versatility and the incredible visibility.


      I was impressed enough to start shopping for a pre-built RV-12 and I found one in Oregon with 57 hours constructed by an experienced builder. The plane has all Van's E-LSA options (e.g. wheel pants, wingtip strobes and landing light, etc). It was equipped with a Dynon Flightdek 180, autopilot, Garmin 495 and the standard Garmin SL-40 radio and 327 transponder. And the best part is that the plane cost about half the price of a new CT or Remos. I flew the plane from Lebanon Oregon to our home base in Coeud d'Alene and then added an iPad, Stratus ADS-B, Garmin 796 with XM weather and a Zaon XRX traffic avoidance unit.


      Two days later my wife and a girlfriend got in the RV-12 and flew it from Coeur d'Alene Idaho to Vero Beach, Florida where my business is based. They were in the air for 25 hours over several days and had a terrific time. Both of us think the RV-12 is the best bang for the buck in the LSA world, at least for what we want to do. I thought I would share our experience.


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