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21333RE: Light-Sport Aircraft Yahoo group Short video of Pattern Flight

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  • Richard Bauer
    Oct 11, 2013
      nicely done, dennis. I noticed the engine sound seemed a lot less than in
      the skycatchers I fly. how did you accomplish that? can you post a photo
      of how you mounted the camera? is your field open to the public for touch &
      go's? I've got a couple of videos that ben took while I was still training
      a few months back. i'll see about getting them up on youtube.

      flying out of KARR
      Hello Group,

      I mounted my GoPro camera on the wing tie down ring on the Skycatcher.
      Here's a short video of one circuit in the pattern at my home base.


      Comments and criticisms welcomed. This is my first video.

      Fly safely and often.

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