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Re: SplashData user forums are moving!

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  • Dan
    Cameron - I agree with you - but I was called resistant to change. I will use the forums when I have a problem, but I won t stay current on what s going on -
    Message 1 of 18 , Mar 27, 2008
      Cameron - I agree with you - but I was called "resistant to change." I
      will use the forums when I have a problem, but I won't stay current on
      what's going on - the only forum I subscribed to was the announcement
      one. And I feel they lost a sales tool since I won't hear about
      creative uses of their software. Too many forums, as well. And the
      SplashID for Palm forum as 3 threads, all about SplashID for Mac.


      --- In SplashData@yahoogroups.com, Cameron Simpson <cs@...> wrote:
      > On 13Mar2008 12:35, SplashData <moderator@...> wrote:
      > | No, that is the unfortunate thing. You have to go to the forum to
      > Well that is a shame. I find forums utterly useless and MUCH prefer
      > mailing lists or usenet news. You see, they come to me. A forum means I
      > have to go to you.
      > Wil a mailing list I can just let it accumulate in a mail folder
      > and then mine it later when I want to read it or search it, or post
      to the
      > list with a query and read the folder regularly while participating.
      > Forum user interfaces as usually inferior too. With email you get to
      read and
      > post using the interface you like. For me this is mutt with a good text
      > editor; of course other people have their own preferred mailer but
      the point
      > is that they have _chosen_ it because they like it. You, the list
      > provider, are not tasked with presenting an interface to please everyone
      > (it will never please me, for example, because I find forums painful).
      > Please consider gatewaying the forum posts, correctly threaded, to a
      > list or gmane interface and provide a by-email posting address.
      > What, if I may ask, was the rationale for making a forum and ditching
      > the mailing list?
      > The neat thing about Yahoo or Google groups and their like is that they
      > behave as mailing lists for people like me and can be used as forums by
      > people who like that kind of thing.
      > I like your apps - I use SplashShopper all the time.
      > Cheers,
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      > Wouldn't it be great if all emergency stopping situations occurred
      on your
      > favourite bit of road......you'd probably know about it before it
      > and would be able to take other evasive action.
      > - Neville Brabet <idiot@...>
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