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Today's Scripture *April 2, 2009*

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  • April Hunt
    Today s Scripture *April 2, 2009*   Micah 2: 6-7 Do not prophesy, their prophets say.        Do not prophesy about these things;       
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      Today's Scripture *April 2, 2009*
      Micah 2: 6-7
      "Do not prophesy," their prophets say.
             "Do not prophesy about these things;
             Disgrace will not overtake us."
      Should it be said, O house of Jacob:
             "Is the Spirit of the LORD angry?
             Does he do such things?"
             "Do not my words do good
             To him whose ways are upright?
      If these messages seem harsh, remember that God did not want to take revenge on Israel; He wanted to get them back on the right path. The people had rejected what was true and right, and they needed stern discipline.
      Children may think that discipline is harsh, but it helps keep them going in the right direction. If we only want God's comforting messages, we may miss what He has for us. Listen whenever God speaks, even when the message is hard to take.
      God we want all of You! We want to know Your ways. We want to follow along the path that You have chosen for us.
      When the discipline comes, may we accept Your perfect correction. In Jesus' Name, Amen..
      God bless you!
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      Thank you & God Bless

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