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626New Member In Need Of Guidance & Prayer

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  • esmaraldas
    Aug 4 11:10 AM
      Hello I am a new member to this group and I'm seeking God's direction and help. I've just had so much going on and I feel like I am not going to make it. I am still dealing with the passing of my mother and it's so hard cause i miss her very much. My cousin who resides in Atlanta invited me to come and stay with her back in November, just to see how I like it. I took her up on the offer and she was very kind at the time. It is now August and so much has been revealed. Oh since I've been here, I've enrolled in "grad" school and am currently pursuing my Master's Degree. I don't know, that may be why God ordered my steps here, but that is the only thing that I can see that I am getting out of this. Anyway back to my cousin, since I've been there, God has shown things to me. My cousin has a Jazebel spirit. It has been going on for months. I am familiar with the spirit and learned of it about 6 years ago. We talked about it in church. At first it did cross my mind that she was operating under such spirit but I just brushed it off. Then it came to my mind again later on, this time stronger. So I then began to research the spirit again and she has not 3 or 4 of the characteristics, but all of them. I don't even know how to take her. I began to examine myself to see if I was doing anything wrong but I have not done anything to her. It's not only me she's hateful to, but to her husband also. She has so much control over him and talks to him any kind of way. He states to me he does not argue with her, just so they can have peace, he backs down. She wants to move into a new house because her brother has a nice home in which he is renting, her husband told her that they needed to wait and that he is not going to get in over his head due to him having other bills. She has gone on some website and put the house that they live in on it for rent for section 8 tenants. She has totally disregarded what he said. This is her 3rd husband but the other 2 failed marriages was the past husbands fault, according to her. I don't think so. She wants to control everyone and when she can't control you, she will get mad at you and talk about you and tell all kinds of lies on you. That is what she has done to me. I have not done anything to her and I try not to be around her that much if I can help it. I am always upstairs in my room or in class. She doesn't talk to me and when I speak to her, she doesn't half-way want to speak back. She is so evil, mean and munipalitive. I've been praying for peace in the house but nothing has changed. In the past she had started having serious thyroid problems and was very humble then, but when everything turned out alright, she resulted back to her normal ways. The enemy is trying to destroy me on every side. He's on my job. I work in an office with nothing but african american women and it is chaos. I was really the last one hired there in that office in March so I'm really the newcomer. None of those women, I say all but 3 out of 13 like me. I've never done anything to them at all. I use to talk alot to an employee that use to work in that office before she transferred to another part alot. Upon her leaving, the office gave her a departure luncheon and she was upset because a lot of the women who she thought were her friends did not attend. She was telling me about it and that next Monday that we came to work they all turned against me. I did not understand because I did not have anything to do with that. Even the assistant manager is biased, she has her picks and chooses and I am not one of them. I really don't talk to much to anyone in the office but mostly just do the work that I am supposed to do. I feel like my life is soooo miserabl. I haven't even gotten over the death of my mom and instead of things getting better for me, it's much worse, all this stuff is piled on top of the death of my mom. There are so many days I hold back tears. Nobody knows how I feel and nobody cares. I really don't have anyone else, My mother left me in this world all alone. If I got sick, I would not even have anyone to take care of me. The only thing that kind of keeps my mind off of things is school. I ask myself, does God care when people mistreat and misuse me? It's like it continues to go on. I know that he is longsuffering abd tries to give them a chance to do right, but it seems like at my expense though. Sometimes I feel like taking matters in my own hands, but God said vengance belonged to him, he would repay and I am trying to let him do it. I just wish he would allow me to have peace in both places in the mean time while he's trying to allow them the chance to repent. Will you please pray for me? Thank you.