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625The Great Storm

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  • grizzbear2010
    Jul 31, 2010
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      The Great Storm

      A massive storm is soon coming to Southern California. I believe it will come at the beginning or end of this winter 2010/2011. The storm is going to be massive with constant, continuous high winds, pouring rain, massive lightning bolts and thunder so loud it will knock you out of your chair. It will be extremely wicked, so try not to get too distraught - you may have to get some ear plugs and hide under your bed. But either way, know that this storm is serving a good purpose by defeating evil gods so that they can no longer hurt another innocent creature. The storm will unleash all around Southern California and will be unlike anything ever experienced. The clouds are going to be thick and black and closer to the earth and you will think it's night time during the day.

      This isn't just any storm. This storm represents something very deep. It represents the destruction and defeat of the "Evil God's" that have devoured and destroyed innocent life. These evil god's have inflicted intense and tremendous evil and pain among innocent life. They have inflicted as much harm imaginable. There are several of these evil god's. The name of this massive storm is "The Great Storm."

      The plan is that when The Great Storm comes to light a Jesus candle in a dark room and keep it lit during the storm. The defeat of these evil god's is dedicated to the Goddesses and Jesus, as they are one. The way to dedicate their defeat to Jesus and the goddesses is to tie a "purple ribbon" around the Jesus candle, as the color purple represents the goddesses.

      The Great Storm of constant, intense energy will only last for about one to two hours, so make sure that you are prepared before the storm comes. Listen to your weekly weather forecasts of any possible major storms in the Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas as far north as Mojave.