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617Today's Scripture *October 21, 2010*

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  • April Hunt
    Oct 20, 2010
      Today's Scripture *October 21, 2010*
      Luke 6: 19
      Everyone tried to touch him, because healing power went out from him, and he healed everyone.
      Once word of Jesus' healing power spread, crowds gathered just to touch Him.
      For many, He had become a magician or a symbol of good fortune. Instead of desiring God's pardon and love, they only wanted physical healing or a chance to see spectacular events.
      Some people still see God as a cosmic magician and consider prayer as a way to get God to do His tricks. But God is not a magician--He is the Master.
      Prayer is not a way for us to control God or a way to give Him a grocery list of things we need, want, desire; It is a way for us to put ourselves under His control and will. Sincerely seeking to know His heart, have real relationship with Him, and thank Him for who He is all He has done!
      Father, we worship You and we give You thanks for the life You have blessed us with.
      May we live each day in communion with You. Mindful of Your Word, Your Heart and Your great love for us.
      In Jesus' Name, Amen..
      God bless you!
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