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610Today's Scripture *October 13, 2010*

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  • April Hunt
    Oct 12 11:14 PM
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      Today's Scripture *October 13, 2010*
      Psalm 119: 9
      How can a young person stay pure?
            By obeying your word.
      Raising children in this polluted world is often difficult and extremely challenging.
      One of the greatest challenges we face as parents and role models is keeping our children's eyes and ear gates pure.
      T.V, music, pop-culture, movies, novels, and the Internet are full of pollution and are easy access for any child in this century.
      So how do we keep our young people pure? The Word of God simply answers-- "By obeying" His Word!!
      Is Bible reading a priority in your home? Are your children/grand-children reading His Word?
      Purity starts and continues by submersing oneself in the Bible.
      What changes need to be made in your home Bible reading?
      Father God, we thank You today for Your direction for us in Your Word.
      May we raise our young people to know the importance of obeying Your Word.
      Help us to be good role models and show our children by our own actions and words--the value of purity and obeying Your Word.
      In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen...
      God bless!
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      Thank you & God Bless

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