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Listen Live Online: "Dying to be Reborn" on 9th October 2011

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    Sunday 9th October 2011 Live Transmission Online Class Dying to be Reborn in Every Moment
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      Sunday 9th October 2011
      Live Transmission Online Class
      Dying to be Reborn in Every Moment
      Intimately encounter the structure of Life


      The Live Transmission
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      Dear Spiritual Seeker!

      Want to take both your spiritual experiences and understanding up a notch? Why not start with a direct encounter with the moment? Don't be afraid, it's just Reality knocking!

       o teaching rock

      My next live online class is an incredible window into the structure of existence: Dying to be Reborn in Every Moment. That's this Sunday 9th October on DaveOshana.com in your time zone.

      The 2nd October, infinite well of compassion, class replay "The Hands-Free Healing Massage Meditation" was so powerful that no-one could speak after it. In case you want to lose your faculties, it will be available as an online replay in a day or two at DaveOshana.com.

      Retreats are filling up: 9-14th December 2011 is the 5-day Ego Death Winter Island Retreat and 7-14th July 2012 is the 7-day Summer Island Retreat.

      Abundant Blessings in the Light of the Enlightenment Transmission,
      Dave Oshana

      Note: In future classes we would like to upgrade the quality of our live audio stream from the present 96 kbps to 128 kbps. If you have a very slow internet speed then please e-mail us with your bandwidth rating now - use speedtest.net if you are unsure how to do this

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      Oshana Live Transmission Internet Class
      Sunday 9th October 2011

      Dying to be Reborn in Every Moment

      Enter Reality. Know for yourself. Directly access and experientially explore the phenomenon of the present moment. Intimately encounter the structure of Life. Journey further than any mystical text, ancient or modern.

      5pm Helsinki - 3pm London - 10am East Coast - 9am Midwest - 7am West Coast

      Appreciate a new vista of understanding with spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana, sharing his uniquely expressed and rarely revealed enlightened perspective.

      An overwhelming cacophony of pithy, aphoristic insights, more than enough to chew on, including:

      • Catch and appreciate every moment.
      • Synchronise with the refresh rate of life.
      • Every ending is a happy ending.
      • Death is a release into an updated, recalibrated, optimised new version of you.
      • Actual death does not exist. No thing actually exists. Death is virtual and relative to the previous illusory moment.
      • When Jesus declared “It is done!” it was not the end but yet another new beginning.
      • If you blink then you will miss it: the Creation is recreated billions of times per second.
      • Only the Ego resists change because change necessarily involves death.
      • Death is the necessary precondition for new life. No thing can be destroyed but only reformed. A space has to be vacated for a new creation to appear.

      Get ready for the next step: Enlightenment - the journey of zero distance

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      It's done


      Enlightenment-Now - because time is running out

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