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Please join the Sanctuary-NDTV campaign to save the BigFive !!

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  • Joydip Suchandra
    India is famous for its BIG FIVE - the *one horned Rhino*, *Royal Bengal Tiger*, *Leopard*, *Asiatic Lion* and *Elephant*. All five are on the poaching demand
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2007
      India is famous for its BIG FIVE - the one horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Asiatic Lion and Elephant.

      All five are on the poaching demand lists:
      • Rhino for its horn
      • Tiger for every single body part
      • Leopard for skin and bones
      • Elephant for ivory
      • Lions for their teeth, claws and bones.
      There are about 1,500 rhinos in Kaziranga alone and recently six of them were brutally killed in the park.
      There are less than 1,500 tigers in all of India and we have lost over 800 tigers in just the last decade - 36 last year alone to poachers.
      We have lost 18 lions in just the last four months and close to 11 last year.
      We have lost twice the number of leopards to tigers.
      Elephants too have been poached and even run over by speeding trains, which ply through their corrodors.

      There are poor protection mechanisms in place.
      We have vacancies in all our parks and no fresh guards have been recruited.
      They are also poorly paid with no equipment.
      The promised wildlife crime bureau is yet to take off.

      Trade in endangered species is the second largest trade after narcotics. 
      Please log on to www.ndtv.com  right away.
      ..or sms 'SAVE' to 6388
      The NDTV-Sanctuary Asia campaign is on the main home page.
      PLEASE call every kid you know, every teacher, all your friends, relatives, colleagues -send out emails and sms'.
      We have to make this heard ..
      Yours in conservation,
      Joydip & Suchandra Kundu


      7A Principal Khudiram Bose Road
      Kolkata 700006 INDIA
      +91 9830092059
      +91 9830093202
      +91 9433019629

      As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other -
      Pythagoras, 500 BC to 580 BC

      There are 2 choices of life –
      One is accepting all that's happening around, being blind, deaf & a dumb.
      Another is, waking up and taking the responsibility to change it!

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