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The Uni-Koeln Trophy 2015

Hi, The fabulous 2015-16 season will start soon, and it’s about time to sum up the fabulous 2014-15 season with our traditional Trophy celebrations. I’ve
Lars Finsen
Sep 23

Magne Teigen (71) died last night

Sad news from the Norwegian speedskating federation: Magne Teigen, founder of the World Speed Skating Statisticians Association, has died. Last June, he was
Brynjar Haarberg
Sep 12

Re: [Skate] Alt om skøyter 2016

Splendid! Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad
robert koorneef
Sep 8

Alt om skøyter 2016

Good news! "Alt om sk°yter" will be reborn, at least as a memorial version. I have been working on the manuscript all summer and now itÆs ready to send to
Lars Finsen
Sep 7

Re: Database design

I used to be an information architect, the design was initially created via the email list Koln, and had many contributors. You can leave out the laptimes
Carool van Kesteren
Jul 28

Re: Database design

Hello Kees, Thank you very much. Machiel
Jul 27

Re: Database design

... Hello Machiel! I have it on my PC and just uploaded it to: http://www.wcsc.nl/skatedb.htm not that I ever used it or understand it! Carool van Kesteren
Jul 27

Database design

5 years ago I started using a database for my speed skating data. I made it more or less by trial and error. This summer I planned to rebuild the database and
Jul 27

Skøyterankings national records

National records according to "Skøyteranking"? Be sure to check them out on this month's Summer Extra! http://www.skoyteranking.net/45500110 B. Haarberg
Brynjar Haarberg
Jul 25

Re: Norwegian speedskaters 2015/16!

Oops - I almost forgot to mention that there will be Norwegian participants at the ISU project "ESTP" this coming season: Camilla Lund (1994), Marte Vatn
Brynjar Haarberg
Jul 5

Uni-Koeln 2015

Barely over two days left to vote now: http://www.ortygia.no/Skoyter/Uni_Koeln/uni-koeln-form2015.shtml Hilsen Lars Finsen Husk å støtte skøytenorge:
Lars Finsen
Jun 28

Norwegian speedskaters 2015/16!

Greetings go out to all speed skating fans! Once again it’s time to present the most important Norwegian speed skating teams for the upcoming season. NORGES
Brynjar Haarberg
Jun 13

Uni-Koeln 2015

Hi, Voting is now open at: http://www.ortygia.no/Skoyter/Uni_Koeln/uni-koeln-form2015.shtml LetÆs close it on June 30, when the season is officially over.
Lars Finsen
Jun 8

Skøyteranking: Summer specials!

Calling all fans of speed skating! During spring and summer, my website provides some interesting statistics, for instance (April) - newcomers and comebacks; a
Brynjar Haarberg
May 24

Re: Uni-Koeln 2015

'Brynjar Haarberg' brynjar.haarberg@... [Speed_skating] schreef ... I love this term, the "the #¤%& samalog." Lets use that formnow on for the coming
May 23
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