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2009 Hi, I have published the simulated country-matches for 2009 at: http://www.ortygia.no/Skoyter/5LK/5lk2009.shtml A nice season with many interesting matches,
Lars Finsen
4:55 PM
Fw: Re: Hi! News: http://favouritedietreview.com/geko/friend.php benshaplaw@...
Apr 19
Fw: Re: Hi! News: http://www.kkr-perroy.org/rqn/friend.php benshaplaw@...
Apr 18
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Oscar Diary. Hi, I have stolen some time to finish the diary notes from Feb 14, 1914: http://www.ortygia.no/Skoyter/Oscar/eod140214.shtml Norwegian version:
Lars Finsen
Apr 17
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 NOTE: You now have 24 more hours to nominate more skaters for the different categories. hilsen Lars Finsen / www.ortygia.no
Lars Finsen
Apr 14
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 OK, my reasons regarding all those skaters are that they are top ranked from their countries, according to the Skøyteranking lists: Seung-Hoon Lee no. 13,
Brynjar Haarberg
Apr 13
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... That wouldn't hurt. According to the current system, nominations have to be backed and/or argued for. ... Ok. ... Reason? ... Ok. ... Why? ... Reason? ...
Lars Finsen
Apr 13
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 Some nominations, according to the Skøyteranking lists and some personal suggestions (I hope these weren't mentioned before): Austria - Bram Smallenbroek
Brynjar Haarberg
Apr 13
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... Thanks; seconded. hilsen Lars Finsen / www.ortygia.no http://forhundrearsidaidag.blogspot.com http://ordordordordordord.blogspot.com Uriania pages:
Lars Finsen
Apr 12
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 Some nominations from me: Best Skater from AUSTRIA Armin Hager (junior WCh silver medal) Best Skater from BELARUS Jevgenij Kazimirenko (national 500 m record)
Nils Meland
Apr 12
Re: Petition. ... I agree wholeheartedly with all of this too, of course. Maybe we should include it in the petition. Or are speedskating fans dying out so fast that there
Lars Finsen
Apr 9
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... Ok, I'll second those, too, those that aren't already mentioned. LEF ...from Redalsgrend, where spring has been and it is now autumn, it seems. Will it
Lars Finsen
Apr 8
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 Some nominations from my side: Best Skater from CHILE Viviana Rodriguez Best Skater from CHINA Jing Yu Best Skater from GERMANY Jenny Wolf Claudia Pechstein
Marcel Warnaar
Apr 7
Re: Petition. Skate friends, This is a sound which I like. Skating is what it is, no more and no less. A soccer match is only interesting for who likes it, the same by
Wim Nieuwenhuizen
Apr 6
Re: Petition. And could you please revert the silly and unnecessary rules introduced in the past few years? Rules that were introduced without consulting the skaters. Rules
drs. Alwin Kruijt Spanjer
Apr 6
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Petition. I wonder if time is ripe for a petition to the ISU. Not precisely to promote allround speedskating, which we all want, but asking them to stop their
Lars Finsen
Apr 5
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... Thus he is seconded. ... I second these nominations, too. ... And these. ... What exactly has he broken? ... I second these, too. hilsen Lars Finsen /
Lars Finsen
Apr 5
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... is a very promising skater. USA : Richardson and junior I prefer Emery Lehman. Not because of jr. worlds, but what he did before that championship. Biggest
Apr 5
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... Sorry, Bergsma, Bergsma. LEF Bergsma, Bergsma, Bergsma, Bergsma, Bergsma, Bergsma, Bergsma, Bergsma...
Lars Finsen
Apr 4
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... A new name! Does this Bergkamp have a fear of flying or persuits? Keessie
Apr 4
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... -- Irene P. o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o o.o.o.o.o.o.o MAY GOD BLESS YOU o.o.o.o.o.o.o
Irene Postma
Apr 4
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 Best team. first Dutch Olympic team.(LT and ST) second: Dutch female pursuit team (skating 3 OR’s without any difficulty; members from 3 different teams,
Gerrit Stevens
Apr 4
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... Aha, I assumed they weren't active when I didn't see any 500 m results. ... Great, hope they can build something there. Estonia started from nothing in
Lars Finsen
Apr 3
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ________________________________________ Van: Speed_skating@yahoogroups.com namens Lars Finsen
Marnix Koolhaas
Apr 3
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 ... I second all your nominations that aren't already seconded by others. ... Likewise. ... He sure is, and I second your nomination of Blokhuijsen, too. ... I
Lars Finsen
Apr 3
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 Hello all A lot off nominations i agree but some i prefere others Best Skater from NETHERLANDS Jorrit Bergsma Best Skater from NORWAY Sverre Lunde Petersen
Harm van den Belt
Apr 3
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 Two Argentina longtrack-skaters were active last year: the famous brothers Gaston and Federico Chaves – Federico skated 1 PR, so I suggest to nominate him.
Marnix Koolhaas
Apr 3
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Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 I too almost agree. But I beg to differ on a few points: Best skater: NETHERLANDS - Ireen Wüst NORWAY - Sverre Lunde Pedersen RUSSIA - Olga Graf An additional
Hovde, Robert
Apr 3
Re: The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 I almost totally agree. I would also add Jan Blokhuijsen as best male allrounder on the nominations. But Koen has a slight advantage. Is Paul Fitzgerald still
Apr 3
The Uni-Koeln awards 2014 Yes, we should have them this year, too, and I hereby nominate the following candidates in the following categories. You are free to nominate your own
Lars Finsen
Apr 3
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