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Spectrum Lab periodic actions / new installer for Vista & Co

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  • Wolfgang B├╝scher
    Hi Walter and group(s), ... About the help files : confirmed ;o) - ok, I have added these commands to start and stop the periodic actions :
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3 12:27 PM
      Hi Walter and group(s),

      Walter wrote:
      > I use the periodic actions to start recording a wav file every 15 min.
      > Now how do I assign the (de)activation of these periodic actions onto
      > one/two of the programmable buttons?
      > It drives me crazy to fiddle with the menues and the scratch pad instead of a mouse in the field listening for bats. I need a very foolproof interaction.
      > I'm sure the answer is somewhere in the help files but... Well you know
      > the but.
      About the help files : confirmed ;o) - ok, I have added these commands
      to start and stop the 'periodic actions' :


      The new commands (periodic.start and periodic.stop) will officially be
      available in the next version, which uses a new installer to defeat the
      problems with Vista and Windows 7 ... see notes below BEFORE installing it .

      The new beta (V2.76 b1 due to the new installer) is here:


      New Installer, beginning with Spectrum Lab V2.76, currently under

      The new installer (Nullsoft NSIS) isn't aware of older, existing
      It will install the program somewhere under "Program Files" (or
      "Programme", or whereever Microsoft wants us to place executable files
      today) by default, even if there is an older installation at C:\Spectrum .

      Even worse (and actually the reason for all this hassle) : Under Vista
      and Windows 7, anything under "Program Files" has no write-permission
      without an admin account, so Microsoft now wants us to put the
      "Application Data" in a completely different place (which will have
      write-permission even with a user account).
      For that reason, the new installer will ask for a second destination
      directory, which (unfortunately) is a hidden(!) directory - some crap like
      "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Mein Benutzername\Anwendungsdaten\SpecLab"
      (the above uses the %AppData% folder for Windows XP. This will be a
      completely different folder under Vista & Co ... bleah...)

      Under Windows XP, you can safely override this crap and use a nice,
      clean, short path for the 'Data' (for example, the same directory into
      which the executable is installed, as in the older versions).
      Under Vista and Windows 7, you better surrender to Microsoft, curse
      them, and leave the 'data' folder location as-is.
      After installation, you should be able to see the full path to the
      executable in Spectrum Lab's "About" box.

      At the moment, I have no better solution for this (since I use neither
      Vista nor Windows 7) so there may be a better place to put the Spectrum
      Lab configurations, logfiles, color palettes, etc.
      Users of Vista / Windows 7 please comment !

      Furthermore, if the new installer doesn't work properly (for example, SL
      cannot find the 'data files' in the writeable folder, or still cannot
      save the configuration, or doesn't present a choice of colour palettes
      when clicking into the colour legend,...), please let me know .

      Wolf .
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