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Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Configuration for SDR-IQ or SDR-14s.

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  • wolf_dl4yhf
    Hi Terry, ... Yes. Use Stefan s config with the noiseblanker, FFT decimation, etc. Then select SDR-IQ for input, with the SDR s VFO set to 0.0000 MHz. It will
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2011
      Hi Terry,

      you wrote:

      Hi Wolf. On the RSGB LF reflector you recently gave a very helpful explanation to set up split displays - copied below for reference. Is this config possible with the audio IO set to SDR-IQ?

      Yes. Use Stefan's config with the noiseblanker, FFT decimation, etc. Then select SDR-IQ for input, with the SDR's VFO set to 0.0000 MHz. It will act almost like an ordinary soundcard then, and you only need one of the two output channels (it doesn't matter if it's "I" or "Q"). After selecting the SDR instead of the soundcard, you may have to exit and re-start SL.

      If so what sample rate for the IQ? Also, is it necessary/possible to lock the IQ to e.g. GBZ for stability at uHz FFT resolution to Rx 8970 Hz? (I thought it would be better to ask detail question here rather than LF reflector).

      Not sure, I never tried because I rarely use the SDR-IQ myself these days. Because the SDR-IQ's sampling rates are not the 'normal' sampling rates (which the SR calibrator expects from a soundcard), it may run into trouble at some point. For GBZ as a reference, the 55 kHz sampling rate should work. Don't go much higher, to avoid unnecessarily large CPU load.

      It would be great to have this as a USR file in the files section! 73 Terry GW0EZY

      Cannot promise this at the moment, since I'm very busy from other tasks, SL-related, GPS-related, VLF-related, but not related with the SDR-IQ.
      Even with an USR file, you would still have to switch the input device yourself because that part of the configuration is not save in the *.USR file, but in the file 'MCONFIG.INI' ( originally, I didn't want to have machine-dependent data such as the audio device number in the usr-files, because such configurations would only work properly on PCs with exactly the same configuration... too bad).

         Wolf  DL4YHF .

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