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Re: [SpectrumLab] Time index relative to file start?

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  • wolf_dl4yhf
    Hello Jonathan, ... I didn t try this myself (due to a shortage of time), but maybe you can replace the source for the timestamp value by a numeric
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2011
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      Hello Jonathan,

      You wrote (in the old SpectrumLab group):

      Is there any way to have the waterfall time grid markers start at time 
      00:00:00 when analyzing audio files?
      When I analyze audio file(s), it may take a significant number of image 
      captures to get the needed detail and if the index marks all have the 
      same reference it makes it much easier to compare one capture with 
      I looked through all of the documentation I could find and got various 
      examples to work, but could not find what I was looking for.
      Thanks, Jonathan.

      I didn't try this myself (due to a shortage of time), but maybe you can replace the 'source' for the timestamp value by a numeric expression in the display settings.
      For example, the function 'water.count' will give you the number of waterfall lines since the analysis started, beginning at zero. Multiply with the waterfall scroll rate (in seconds) should give a number of seconds, also zero-based.
      Returns the number of waterfall lines which have been calculated since the program was started. Can be used in the Conditional Actions to do something "special" as soon as a certain amount of waterfall lines (alias FFT's) have been calculated. Note: If the waterfall is turned off, its counter won't count ! (joking aside, FFTs may be calculated for the spectrum graph even if the waterfall display is turned off).

      The input field (for the source of the time-markers) is mentioned under "Waterfall Time Grid" in this document (part of the manual in HTML format):

      Of course it would be much easier to add the option to use the 'relative' time (starting at zero at the begin of each new audio file). I will consider this for the next release, but at the moment I am totally 'out of time' - too busy from another project.

      All the best,
         Wolf .

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