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  • Steve Kohlhase
    Yes it is a great tool.  My interest is in using it along with other FFT and octave analyzers is to investigate the infamous low frequency hum and vibration
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 30, 2013
      Yes it is a great tool.  My interest is in using it along with other FFT and octave analyzers is to investigate the infamous low frequency hum and vibration here in western CT.  If anybody can give me the "cliff" notes, a short instruction to take data and record it for viewing after an 8 hour period.  As example, I want to do a capture for a minute every 15 minutes. 
      Obviously I am more interested in the investigation than becoming well versed with SL.  Appreciate any guidance, and appologize for being rather simple in using the great basic features of SL.
      Thank you
      Steve from CT

      From: Polard Jean Marie <polard@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 2:00 AM
      Subject: Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] presentation
      Hello to all, As a former newbee with SL I can confirm that it is not easy to handle. But like a wild horse (or a woman) once you understand how it works, it's amazing what you can do with it. One comes in contact with OM's who have the same interests and user files are exchanged. It could be a good thing to have on a site or a blog  a compilation of all the user files by topic to allow beginners and experienced exchange trimmings SL. I can do that on my site if nobody is volunteer or if this is not available on the site of DL4YHF. One good thing also should be to have the whole site of Wolf as a pdf file, just to have all in one document, The Bible of SL. best regards JOHN F5VLB Le 29/01/2013 18:33, John Rose a écrit :
      Hello Gerard,
      There are a few of us on here already using SpectrumLab for meteor detection, obviously the bits you will need are a computer running SpectrumLab a suitable receiver and an antenna, it seems that the choice of receiver is the most critical for a successful system, I personally use an Icom PCR1500 which works really well but these are quite expensive and difficult to get hold of, an alternative that we have found works and is not badly priced second hand is the Yupiteru MVT7100 hand held scanner, I know several people who are using one of these in conjunction with a collinear antenna for detection using the Graves transmitter on 143.050MHz.
      I suppose the initial starting point is down to what equipment you already have, the essentials seem to be the ability to receive at the required frequency using either CW or USB, which the receivers mentioned above will do. After that it really just a matter of getting everything configured which I am sure there are several members on the group including myself who will be more than willing to help with.
      Many thanks
      John Rose
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      Sent: 29 January 2013 16:36
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      Subject: [SpectrumLabUsers] presentation
      I present me to your group
      I am no-professional astronomer and use to make deep sky photos.
      (EQ6 L80 C8 ATIK )
      Now I would like to try trac king meteores.
      I have got a 144Mhz antenna and spectrumlab.
      I know nothing about this program,for example how to set it to begin.

      Iam sure I will learn a lot with you not only for this purpose but also other applications of spectrumlab.
      Your group seems to me very interesting and sympatical
      Have a good day
      Best regards
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