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  • Copsne
    Aug 2, 2012
      Graham what is SR1?  I believe as you say the body part natural frequencies play a great role in ill feelings effects. B&K instruments have some good over view papers on this

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      On Aug 2, 2012, at 8:21 AM, Graham Mcleod <g8pha@...> wrote:


      I'm a newbie to SR and The Hum, but an instant theory appears;
      SR1 is fairly close to the mechanical resonance of the Human Body Cavity.
      The excitation of the latter is known to cause any of a wide range of symptoms.
      Resonances tend to interact with both discrete (carrier)
      and wideband-noise sources of excitation, often unexpectedly.
      The modern trend to Open Plan living and working conditions may well also
      have led to many larger rooms with the "banned" dimensions and resonances.
      These only require a wind to angle past an open window (wind instrument).
      Even still air may be excited by SR1 in some as yet unknown way, back and forth.
      It is quite probable that people vary in their exact resonance too, and some are thus
      more susceptible, and even Grow into and out of it, over time, literally/mechanically!.
      Put the 3 resonances together, with Internet reporting, and Industry, and exponential
      population, and you'd expect to see an increased awareness & occurrence recently
      of related events, not contradicted by History.
      "Feeling physically sick" strongly suggests the Body Resonance was involved.
      Last I heard that in the 1950's Military types had experimented with a 7 Hz ish
      Acoustic Steam Whistle pushing out 50 KW of Acoustic Power, mounted upon
      the back of a truck. Their conclusion was that while it would kill a man at 1 mile,
      it would do the same for its' Operator, and was thus "unuseable".
      Presumably that was Before the days of remote control. Paranoia anyone?.
      Here we have kids in cars equipped with Boom Boxes pushing out all kinds
      of Sub-Audio and pulsed noises, both stationary and mobile!.
      We can but hope that they are the ones to spontaneously combust, not us.
      ? Do people with a "spare tyre" of fat have a lower Q, and thus immune to 7 Hz?. 
      "Survival of the Unfittest"    ;-)  Graham.

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