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728Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Re: New file uploaded to SpectrumLabUsers - LRO data

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  • wolf_dl4yhf
    Apr 23, 2012
      Hi Andy,
      To me the spectrogram looks a bit suspicious - the zig-zagged lines, quite evenly spaced, may indicate some local QRM. I also monitor the Graves radar occasionally here (receiving a mixture between troposcatter, aircraft scatter, meteor scatter, and rarely ever 'spacecraft scatter'), but never saw such traces as in your screenshot. The aircraft scatter traces sometimes come close to your spectrum, but the lines are less regular.
      When disconnecting the antenna / replacing it with a dummy load, do the traces disappear completely ?

         Wolf .

      Am 22.04.2012 23:32, schrieb amthornett:

      Hi folks,

      I wonder if I could ask for your help. I am concerned that I do not seem to be getting the results that other folks obtain when they use Spectrum Lab to record signals from Graves Radar beacon. I have loaded up a file below that shows the results I obtained last night with the Lyrid meteor shower. There seem to be lines all over the place! Does that mean I have in fact picked up meteors? Indeed the numbers of lines increased up to about 2030 and then dropped off again. I am assuming that I am not getting the blobs and blotches that others seem to get when they record meteors due to the settings on Spectrum Lab. Is that correct? How should I change my settings?

      I was successfully able to tune into a tone just below 143.050MHz which I assume is Graves - perhaps 142.975Mhz although it drifted as the evening went on - and was very narrow band. Can you confirm that this would be Graves? How do you manage to keep your receivers tuned onto this tone as it moved slightly every few minutes.

      Also, I recorded an audio file of the event through the evening - how do I load up the file again to try different settings?


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