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490GPS/PPS as on-screen time markers ?

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  • herwig.ronsmans
    Jan 4, 2012
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      Hi all,

      I'm a volunteer at Public Observatory Mira, Grimbergen, Belgium - where SpecLab is used to display radio meteors forward-scattered by radio beacons at Dourbes and Zillebeke.
      The Dourbes setup forms part of a network of similar stations - BRAMS, Belgian RAdio Meteor Stations  - scattered around the country, that are used to collect radio meteor data on behalf of the Belgian Institute for Radio Aeronomy for research purposes.
      SpecLab is used to show in realtime what's happening above Dourbes to visitors of the observatory, and SpecLab-captured images are continuously put online so remote visitors can also watch them.
      A couple of months ago I added a SHOUTcast audio server to this system to stream on-demand audio online as well : http://mmmradio.dyndns-ip.com:8888/stream/1/
      Using SpecLab one can now remotely view the continuously evolving spectrogram of the left radio channel.
      The right audio channel contains precise time pulses generated by an attached Garmin GPS 18x LVC GPS PPS.
      However, at remote users the on-screen time markers are generated by the remote user's PC clock, which do not correspond to what's shown on the spectrogram ; the SHOUtcast audio server delays (i.e. buffers) streamed audio by at least 70 seconds for the first listener, and more for simultaneous listeners.

      Can this right GPS/PPS channel somehow be used in SpecLab to generate the corresponding correct time markings on-screen ?
      And if so, how do I set this up ?

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