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441Re: Help needed with conditional actions.

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  • vbifyz
    Nov 1, 2011
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      I am experimenting with image processing (using ImageMagick) to distinguish meteor pings from other stuff.
      I save waterfall pictures every 5 minutes and batch process them later using Perl script that calls ImageMagick commands. There is a lot of things to try:
      It is easy to remove thin horizontal lines (direct signal propagation and plane reflections). Vertical lines (impulse noise) are more tricky.
      The last step is to squeeze the picture to one pixel high and count the dots.
      My RMOB reporting still uses the SpectrumLab script by Maarten , http://www.supernovae.be/meteorcounting, because my 24/7 production laptop is too old for ImageMagick in real time.
      If you are interested, I can provide more details.


      --- In SpectrumLabUsers@yahoogroups.com, SIMON DAWES <simon.dawes@...> wrote:
      > Thanks Mike
      > I tried this script with no success, I used a wave file of  real meteors from the draconids.
      > I have started on the same approach as you with testing the signal either side of peak but am only logging results at the moment to see if with real data it does indeed provide a real distinction between meteors and 'other signals', another approach i am experimenting with the sigma function which i am guessing is a standard deviation measurement, the idea here is that a meteor is spread out so the sigma is low but another signal is not so has a higher sigma, this works quite well but needs refining and I have found signals that i would have classed as a meteor with characteristics of the other signals, I guess this is a feature of nature and one of the reasons why I am finding it difficult to come to a suite of measures that can tell the difference.
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