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227Increased Surviellance Width

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  • wrdionne2003
    Apr 10, 2011
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      Wolf, Great product. I've been using SL since 2006 at my SETI Argus site. But want to expand my spectrum view beyond 96 KHz. Tried a E-MU 1212 (192 KHz) in a dual core PC under WIN7 but it was problematic. I see SL supports Perseus at 500KHz (500 Khz spectrum width?). For weak signal work I try to use a RBW around 1 Hz and a WF frame rate of ~30 sec. With a Perseus @ 500 KHz is the previous setup doable? Are you considering supporting the WINRADIO Excalibur? It sports a DDC of 2 MHz and a virtual sound-card. I have additional SL questions but need to solve the surveillance width issue first.

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