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2002Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Would this be difficult to set up?

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  • Brian Alsop
    Jul 19, 2014
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      Interesting I'm doing experimenting with the same thing here using
      horizontal and vertical antennas. My K3 receiver has both a main and
      subrx which are identical and phase locked. By setting up the second of
      the stereo channels in the component box, one gets two side by side
      screens with the two spectra. You can also output the data to a file
      for post processing. The second channel needs an extra field-- e.g.

      I'm concerned that the two might not be synced in that they may be time
      shifted by the time it takes to digitize the second channel. Trying to
      determine this right now.


      On 7/19/2014 09:17, wdxp@... [SpectrumLabUsers] wrote:
      > I was wondering if it would be difficult to have Spectrum Lab display
      > inputs from both a magnetic loop and a E-field antenna? I was thinking
      > maybe having each input into a stereo mode. It's probably been done
      > before, any help setting it up would be appreciated.
      > Right now i have each antenna feeding Speclab running on a separate
      > laptop, but was thinking it would be convenient to have both displays
      > on the same screen for instant comparison.
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