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1990Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Is there a way to invert the incoming signal ?

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  • Tim
    Jul 8, 2014
      On 9/07/2014 2:08 AM, 'Alan' g4zfq@... [SpectrumLabUsers] wrote:

      I do not remember if I had to change any setting but my IQ inputs show frequency correctly.
      One way to change it would be to physically swap Left and Right audio.

      Hi Alan,

      No IQ inputs here, just a  pick off from the SLM's IF which is 15.625Khz - its just that any signal in the pass band tunes in the opposite direction to what is normally done. Hence a signal at 9.998Mhz appears at 10.002 when SpectrumLab's pass band is centered on 10Mhz.



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