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1988Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Is there a way to invert the incoming signal ?

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  • Tim
    Jul 8, 2014
      On 8/07/2014 5:01 PM, 'Jurgen Bartels' jurgenb2@... [SpectrumLabUsers] wrote:

      > That doesn't change the frequency scale that only turns USB to LSB or
      > vice versa

      you need to connect the Spectrum Analyzer to L4, not L1

      Hi Jurgen,

      That doesn't work. If I do that then the only output I see is that from the filter and that no longer correlates with the frequency scale :(

      If there is no function to flip the incoming signal then a function to have the frequency scale flipped so it decreases to the right instead of increase would be helpful.



      VK2XAX :: QF56if23 :: BMARC :: WIA
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