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1959RE: [SpectrumLabUsers] streaming uncompressed data to spectrum lab (feature request?)

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  • dl4yhf
    Apr 16, 2014
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      Hello Jacek,


      Nice to meet you here :)

      I will add such an uncompressed audio stream feature (via TCP/IP, not UDP) soon.

      You will never guess who asked for that feature a few days ago ("way down southeast") but the feature may be very useful if the same signal shall be analysed in real time on different work stations.

      I will look into Paul's specification to make it 'as compatible as possible', but for the other intended usage it's important to embed GPS coordinates in the stream.


      All the best,

        Wolf  DL4YHF

        ("more details possibly later in Morse code on MF", hi)


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      Is it possible to stream uncompressed data to spectrum lab via tcp in some way? (preferably in a way compatible with vtcat from Paul's vlfrx tools, but any documented protocol is ok as long as i know what bytes to send).

      There is the option to stream ogg compressed streams, but that kills weak signals. There is a tcp server, but that didn't work well the few times i've tried it (even when streaming from one spectrum lab instance to another). Then there is the option to use windows dlls or wm_copydata messages, but i would like to avoid that (i'm using the software on wine, so the whole emulated windows environment is a black box that i would not like to touch).

      Any ideas?

      VY 73

      Jacek / SQ5BPF

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