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1952Re: Audio Device Selection on Startup

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  • g4fui
    Apr 13, 2014
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      Good dayl, Wolf!

      I was just replying to Jurgen's post when I saw yours!

      I will try the latest version and report back.

      What I was going to say to Jurgen was that I think he is using "VAC" from .muzychenko.net, whereas I am using the equivalent from VB-Audio, and their description strings are quite different.

      ( There seemed to be a problem with the string for my Creative Soundblaster card as well, and that is probably less "esoteric" than using a Virtual Cable driver!)

      Jurgen's suggestion of editing the Registry entry was something I hadn't considered as a workaround.

      I didn't comment that I am now using Windows7, although I seem to recall this was also an issue with XP, so I presume the OS isn't the problem.
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