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1938Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Re: analyzing wav files in Spectrum Lab

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  • dl4yhf
    Apr 11, 2014
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      Hello Len,

      You are using a very antique version of Spectrum Lab (Compilation date Jun 19 2010) so I suggest to update. But anyway, the reason for SL not to automatically switch to 'split' mode (despite two input channels) is caused by this:

      You have activated the "stereo-colour" waterfall mode. In that very special, and rarely used mode, one channel controls (for example) the red colour component of the combined waterfall, and the 2nd the blue (or cyan = blue+green) component. The option can be switched off in the 2nd tab of the 'Spectrum display' options.

      After that, the spectrogram for the left channel will be in the left half, and the right channel on the right side.

        Wolf .
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