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1881Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Time Signal Decoder not setting PC Time

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  • wolf_dl4yhf
    Jan 23, 2014
      Hi Rob,

      Welcome to the group.

      You wrote:

      Hi all,
      New Member saying hello.

      I have a problem with the Time Decoder.  I use MSF Rugby and obtain a good decode with a strong signal.
      However when I press button to set the PC time it says 'Done' but in fact it doesn't set the clock.

      I'm assuming this is a OS problem.  I use Win 7.
      Is there something that needs setting in Win to ensure it does set it.

      The assumption is correct - I just tried on Win XP where it works without trouble. I deliberately set the clock wrong (in the windows 'date and time' display), then let SL set the system time to the time decoded from DCF77 (same principle for MSF) and in that moment the window-clock's second-pointer jumped back to where it should have been.

      So my guess: Windows 7 / 8 doesn't allow an application to modify the system time anymore, for whatever strange reason. At least not using the function in the C runtime library. Maybe it works in Win XP compatibility mode, or when running SL with raised privileges ?
      Is there, by chance, some internet-based timekeeping service enabled which immediately sets the clock back to where "windows" thinks it should be ? ;-)
      Oh yes, new operating systems can drive you crazy. Especially if you're a software developer...

         Wolf .

      I would really like it automatic, I can get it very close by manual setting but would prefer it to be closer.

      I use digimodes, WSPR and WSJT Meteor Scatter so time is an element.



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