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1875Re: Anyone running SpectrumLab on a Mac?

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  • Graham Mcleod
    Jan 21, 2014
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      Hi Wolf,
      I have to say that my EMU 0204 is running beautifully with SL ( V 2.77 b13 ) on W7 and appears to manage 2 input channels at 192 KHz sampling rates,
      And 24 bits, just fine, Without using the ASIO driver. But then I turned off Windoze Updates a while back, so they cannot mess it up for me!.
      The ADC's give spur-free performance and the only unexpected drawback is a 30 dB noise floor rise, between 30 and 96 KHz in (at 192 KHz SR).
      I have a problem with my Universal Trigger. Whenever the Audio Recorder is enabled, it gets stuck at TRUE, despite being correctly set up,
      and going yellow - green - yellow in the Trigger box (Components Window) on sound triggers, but only when Audio Recorder is Disabled.
      It stays at Green, TRUE, whenever the latter is Enabled, not just manually, but also with the Universal Trigger ticked.
      So the Recorder is jammed on by the TRUE trigger, when it should automatically turn off after trigger going FALSE, which never happens.
      So I can only record Manually (stop and start by hand), at present. This using a cheap soundcard at 48 KHz sampling rate..
      Is this an Old Version problem?
      Can I have an old and a new version at the same time?. In different Directories?  (I have found Several different uses for your fine software)!.
      Would I get an Icon clash, or just 2 Icons?.
      73's, Graham G8PHA.
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