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1873Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Anyone running SpectrumLab on a Mac?

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  • wolf_dl4yhf
    Jan 20, 2014
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      Hi Dave and all,

      Am 20.01.2014 17:33, schrieb Dave:


      Thanks for the feedback Len,
      I'm currently using XP on two, now quite old, PCs. The company I work for use Windows 7 and I've seen people running Windows 8 and it's those operating systems that I am looking to avoid...

      Windows 7 nearly drives me up the wall with the way that Explorer randomly jumps to other places in the directories, saves things in weird places and basically trips you up when you try to instal software that you want to use.

      Aah.. and I thought it was only me who doesn't like this strange system of having to put own files where Microsoft wants us to store them ... in german language, they call it 'Bibliothek mit 2 Orten' for example ("Library with two places", whatever that may be).
      I prefer to store the files where *I* want to have them, and I want to know the real file location not some funny abstraction layer of 'places' on the harddisk. Btw, thats one more reason to avoid this 'Explorer' thingy, and use a real file manager like, for example, Total Commander which leaves no doubt where you are currently (on the harddisk, or any other storage medium).

      Why do they have to re-invent the wheel every time ? Main menus with the de-facto standard entries like 'File', 'Edit', etc ? Gone, replaced by an overloaded 'ribbon' with funny looking icons which are not intuitive to use (if you only use the program once a month). The once-famous entry named 'properties' at the bottom of almost any context menu (for example: desktop  properties, file properties, device properties), just a right-mouseclick away ? Gone.
      The start button in the taskbar, with a hierarchically arranged menu (with submenus) ? Gone, even for windows 7, and replaced by an endlessly long, stupid one-dimensional scrolling list. And the list goes on.

      Instead we now have the UAC (oh yes, it's so important because the whole family uses ONE single PC, bwa-ha-ha), we now have non-functional device drivers (because Microsoft keeps re-inventing the wheel, especially for drivers), so really nice hardware like the E-MU 0202 / 0404 audio interface will go to the waste bin because its manufacturer is unable to provide drivers for win7/8. And the list goes on..

      It's a shame that Borland never managed what they promised years ago: Making their 'C++ Builder' development system cross platform capable (that's the "language" in which Spectrum Lab was written, instead of using Microsoft's Visual stuff which was the only alternative back then). Borland promised to support Linux natively. That way, one could compile the same sources (C, C++, but especially the "forms" i.e. visual components) into a native windows executable, and into a native Linux RPM or similar with a Linux variant of their toolchain. But besides a half hearted attempt (called 'Kylix', actually based on Wine) they never put it to work. Re-write the whole stuff for Eclipse / QT & Co to make it cross-platform capable (at least for Windows + Linux) ? Heavens no. Thus I'm stuck with windows, even if I don't like it myself.

      All the best,
        Wolf .

      After years of putting up with Microsoft I'm now seriously considering jumping off and using something else instead.
      Cheers - Dave
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      I am a new user and am still studying how to use Spectrum Lab in ham radio applications.  I am running Spectrum Lab in Windows 8.1 and it works very well with audio input from various sources.  It is one of the best pieces of software that I know of and is fun to use.

      Len, W1ZTL

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