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  • Gerry G.
    Nov 23, 2013
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      I used your improved I/O DLL with two instances of SL.  It worked great first try.  This has freed up a complete computer that was using two sound cards to do the same thing.  I can now use one computer for the LR program and two instances of SL and its still less than 75% peaks on the CPU load.  My Schumann Q-Burst radar system is working great now that I have this along with a couple of AD8429 1 dB noise preamp chips.  I'm doing three different plots on three different parts of the world at the same time.  This project would be a total wash out were it not for Spectrum Lab!  Just simply could not do it!  Thanks a million for your many efforts over a long time on this program...

      Gerry Gore, WB5TXA

      On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 2:26 AM, wolf_dl4yhf <dl4yhf@...> wrote:

      Thanks for spotting this Bob.
      Indeed, the unit is seconds, not milliseconds.
      Only on the *display* the program usually chooses milliseconds for labelling the waterfall display, but that depends on the scrolling interval itself.

        Wolf  DL4YHF

      Am 17.11.2013 19:39, schrieb boblark@...:

      Minor coorection:
      speclab/cfg_comp.htm  shows the cfg variable Wat1ScrollTime as
              "scroll interval of the waterfall, time in millisecond"
      but I believe the units are seconds.

      ( Is there a better place to note minor stuff like this?  Or is this where it best goes?  )

      73, Bob  W7PUA

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