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1766RE: Communicating between a first and second instance of SL

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  • beavisdrjohn
    Nov 15, 2013

      Hi Wolf,

      Apologies for the delay, but have now tested in-AudioIO.dll with the beta version of SL you posted. Test used Windows 7, 64bit.

      Definite progress, but no input to 2nd instance achieved. This is what happened:

      Installed SL V2.79 beta
      Started instance 1
      Attached in_AudioIO.dll as output device using the '...' button
      Labelled output stream "VLF" (needed to click the 'ctrl' button to get to the dialogue box, as this didn't open automatically)
      Circuit window showed output box green, start/stop menu showed input and output devices ticked active
      Started instance 2
      Found in_AudioIO.dll already set as input device
      Set input stream label to "VLF", method as above
      No input seen to 2nd instance
      Input box of circuit window is red
      Start/stop menu shows message:
      "Audio input: from ADC, waiting for something"
      "Audio output: passive"
      Closed both instances, and got Windows dialogue asking if program should be reistalled using recommended settings, or if installation correct
      Cancelled this dialogue box
      Restarted both instances, settings all ok, behaviour as before (no Windows installation query on closing.

      No hurry for response.

      Best Wishes,


      ---In spectrumlabusers@yahoogroups.com, <jbeavis@...> wrote:

      Hi Wolf,

      Many thanks for such a rapid response. (Sorry to have torn you away from the hardware!)

      I will work through this in the next day or to, and then post some feedback.

      All best,


      ---In spectrumlabusers@yahoogroups.com, <dl4yhf@...> wrote:

      Hi John,

      I have uploaded the audio-I/O-dll (new), with an improved step-by-step guide to use it with Spectrum Lab.
      Details are here:

      There's a new chapter about using this DLL as a bridge between two instances of SL in chapter 3.3 of this PDF:


      The description applies specifically to the latest 'beta' of SL, which is V2.79 b06, available here:


      To Jurgen : This 'latest beta' contains a modified 'send' function, which also accepts a 'window handle' as an alternative to the 'window class name'. Details:


      All the best,
         Wolf (now back to hardware work..)

      Am 10.11.2013 13:18, schrieb jbeavis@...:

      Many thanks, Wolf.

      All best,


      ---In spectrumlabusers@yahoogroups.com, <dl4yhf@...> wrote:

      Hello John,

      I will publish an improved documentation for the audio-I/O-DLL here soon.
      It lacks a detailed step-by-step guide for this application (audio-I/O
      as audio bridge between two instances of Spectrum Lab).
      Indeed it doesn't seem to work when using the ASIO emulation (on both
      ends) because one ASIO 'driver' can only be used by one single instance
      of a program. Thus in_AudioIO.dll must be loaded natively by Spectrum
      Lab... it's just a bit tricky to set it up.
      Also there seems to be a problem with the button to open the DLLs own
      control panel ('finger pointing right' in SL's audio settings panel
      doesn't always do what it should, for unknown reasons).

      Will let you know about further progress; it may take a day or two to
      test this under Windows 7 since the 'workhorse' PC still runs windows XP.

      All the best,
      Wolf .

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