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1761Communicating between a first and second instance of SL

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  • beavisdrjohn
    Nov 8, 2013

      Hi group,

      I have been running single instances of SL successfully on several platforms for more than a year, so I am reasonably familiar with the program. (Thank you Wolf for an astonishingly clever program; I much admire your achievement. And thanks forum for allowing me to listen to a lot of a lot of fascinating discussions.)

      I now want to feed the output of one instance of SL into a second instance, both running under 64bit Windows 7 on an Intel Core i5 @ 2.52GHz with 8GB of RAM. I followed the guidance in Audio IO Section of the SL help file, and the in_AudioIO.dll guide, but have not been able to transfer data. The output box in the component window of the 1st instance and the input box of the 2nd show as red, and I have not succeeded in switching on either here or through menus. This is what I did:


      1)      Downloaded and installed latest version of SL; downloaded latest version of in_audioIO.dll.

      2)      Unzipped the in_AudioIO.dll download in the SL directory (C:\Spectrum\).

      3)      Created and ran a register.bat file as described, and got a confirmation of successful registration.

      4)      Opened SL and set the output to C:\Sectrum\in_Audio.dll. (SL didn’t automatically locate this file, but inserted it in the list via the ‘…button’.)

      5)      Repeated 4) to open a second instance of SL, this time setting the input to the same in_AudioIO.dll file.


      When, after these steps, I attempted to start a single version of SL, the output box remained red despite resetting the output to soundcard speakers. I had to ‘unregister’ the .dll before being able to reset the output path.

      I would much appreciate some help in diagnosing where I am going wrong.



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