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1752RE: Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] AFEDRI-SDR-Net EXTIO dll

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  • mux_folder2001
    Oct 20, 2013

      Hi Wolf,

      I didn't explain it well. With the EXTIO selected I get no radio signals on the waterfall, The display appears like the output of a sound card with nothing connected to the input. There is the usual bump at zero and the noise rises near the edges of the span. However, I can control the radio VFO. 

      Instead of selecting the EXTIO, I can select the  AFEDRI-SDR-Audio as the input device. Then I see the signals but I cannot control the radio. The signals are not displayed correctly either. Signals that are actually 50Khz apart appear much closer together.

      I have tried providing "AFEDRI-SDR Audio" as a parameter for the EXTIO but it does not change anything. 

      ---In SpectrumLabUsers@yahoogroups.com, <spectrumlabusers@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi Tony,

      If you get a spectrum the signals seem to get through already - assuming the signals disappear in the spectrum when disconnecting the antenna input to the receiver (?).
      The issue seems to be the setting of the sampling rate. Some ExtIO-DLLs out there seem to ignore any call of the driver function (for setting the SR) completely. In that case, you could use a rule of three to find the true sampling rate.

         Wolf .

      Am 19.10.2013 03:36, schrieb canthony15@...:

      I have tried to run SL with the EXTIO file provided with my new AFEDRI-SDR-Net. It works to control the SDR frequency but I cannot get it to find the audio stream which I believe comes through the USB as a USB audio device. I have tried providing all or part of the device name as a parameter but no luck. I configured the SL audio sample rate manually to 250000. I can select the USB audio from the drop down and I get a spectrum but the peaks are incorrectly spaced according the the frequency scale. Any hints for what to try or am I out of luck?



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