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1745RE: EMU0202

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  • sm5le
    Sep 27 1:07 AM

      Graham and all

      Now I have processed output on rear right 6mm contector. Did use "stereo" and "chain upp both channels". I do not know what I did wrong before. Maybe age 73 year :-)

      Thanks to all /Sven

      ---In spectrumlabusers@yahoogroups.com, <g8pha@...> wrote:

      Sven, you may have to look very Hard. I think it's a Digital 16 or more bits
      "DPDT switch", ie probably contained in 1 or more logic IC's, not a Physical DPDT relay/switch.
      I just used that description to illustrate it's Function. I've not had the cover off mine. Graham.
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