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1739RE: EMU0202

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  • sm5le
    Sep 25, 2013

       Thank you Graham


      I will look inside 0202 and look for a switch.

      Also I will try to play with stereo/mono.


      ---In spectrumlabusers@yahoogroups.com, <g8pha@...> wrote:

      Hi Sven
      I don't know about the 0202, but my EMU0204 has a glaring error on both the circuit diagram stuck to the underneath of the
      hardware, and the circuit available online (identical). It is supposed to be able to use an internal (DPDT relay) switch to select the
      headphones' output DAC's to come from either the input digital stream, or the output digital stream, selected Only via their software.
      However, it has been drawn incorrectly (I assume), by Creative Digital (the manufacturers), and in both positions (on the circuit)
      selects one of each! (stereo). So I will have to experiment to discover what it Actually does!, And which position is which!. Graham.
      PS I contacted them about it, and they said "We made it Obsolete about a month ago, so really don't Care".
      It was clear that they didn't know about it and had never spotted it themselves, nor had it pointed out before then.
      Nor had they ever Tested and Verified it!. You'd expect the Software designer to at least have checked his work.
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